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welcome to Spinks Softech Pvt Ltd

We at Spinks Softech are involved in the manufacture and job work application of Day and Night Design for major car and mobile phone manufacturers directly or indirectly through their global vendors. Hence all automotive manufacturers, designers, modellers, grill, switch, mobile keys manufacturers are our potential clients.

Spinks Softech is one of the most demanded Laser applications. In this process the transparent plastics are coated with special LASER COATINGS and subsequently symbols are expected to allow the light appear as symbols. This process makes the interiors visible in Day and Night besides making them pleasing to our eyes.

Spinks Softech are used to backlit the symbols, letters or digits in the night maybe in a different color from how they look in the daytime. This is normally used in the cockpit electronics whether Aeroplanes or in Automotive industry. Nowadays also used on mobile keys and watches.

The method used involves single layer to multi layer painting of plastics and subsequently lasered quickly and flexibly to reveal the fine symbols or letters.

In the day & night design, the black/white contrast alters with back lighting, into a black/coloured contrast. Coloured / white or coloured / coloured contrasts are possible. It depends on the paint,
multi-layer and easy to laser.